OCR receipt validation

Insights and learnings gained from purchase validation in Loyalty platforms

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One of the keystones of a good consumer goods product line is having loyal customers that purchase your product on a regular basis. Incentivizing this activity is a great way to recognize and reward your most loyal customers. But it can be a challenge if you are not in control of your distribution and retail outlets. Finding a solution to capturing this activity may not be as costly as most brands assume, and can be implemented rather quickly.

Receipt moderation is the typical method by which a company can validate purchases and identify trends and behaviors. In most cases, the consumer will use their smart phone to capture an image of the receipt from a purchase that contains the items that qualify for the program and either upload through a mobile website or app, but can also text in the image as well.

Brandmovers has developed a multi-layered proprietary technology platform to ensure the highest accuracy data capture from these receipts. We see this receipt as not only a proof of purchase for an authorized transaction, but a glimpse into the behavior of the brand’s customers. Capturing as much data from these documents can be beneficial well beyond just the one item. Some ideas:

  1. Date of purchase – cross reference purchase dates to day of week and day of month, which may inform some of your marketing spend.
  2. Time of purchase – see if there is a pattern with respect to when your loyalty customers shop.
  3. Location of purchase – identify “hot spots” for your product
  4. Retailer – what are the primary retailers that your loyalty customers use, compare submission rates against any in store advertising
  5. Complimentary items – see if you find any purchase trends for potential co-marketing efforts.

This will allow your loyalty program to double as a big data repository of purchase behavior. If you find this an intriguing concept and want a complimentary consultation with one of our loyalty experts, fill out the contact form below and we will set up a time to further explore the opportunity.