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Brandmovers Announces Three Industries That Succeeded Through Digital Loyalty Programs

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January 15, 2017 – Atlanta, GA – Every day, more brands are discovering the value of digital loyalty programs crafted by innovators such as those at Brandmovers. However, loyalty programs are far from a new trend. Loyalty programs have a long existing history, and many entire industries have thrived thanks to them.

Brandmovers would like to highlight three industries whose fortunes were changed for the better, due to innovations in loyalty programs.

  1. Airlines

The first industry to embrace loyalty programs on a large scale, airlines found them to be the perfect solution to the “parity” nature of their products.  The introduction of Frequent Flier Miles programs allowed airlines to capture key market segments and prevent the brand promiscuity which is common in the travel sector.

  1. Retail

Loyalty programs provide a double benefit in the retail sector. Beyond encouraging customers to shop only at specific stores, they allow the collection of large amounts of personalized customer data.  In many cases, the insights provided through data collection proved more valuable than the sales boost loyalty programs provide.

  1. Consumer Packaged Goods

CPGs faced a serious threat from store brands and other ‘generic’ products, and loyalty programs were the solution. By pairing points-based loyalty programs with rewards from a wide variety of stores and vendors, CPGs successfully added enough value to prevent customers from adopting Brand X solutions.

Brandmovers is proud to be part of this movement, and an enabler of brands to innovate and meet customer needs. Contact Brandmovers directly for information about digital loyalty programs.

About Brandmovers

Brandmovers is the worldwide leader in the development, implementation, and follow-through of brand loyalty and customer retention projects.  With operations on three continents, Brandmovers has been trusted by Fortune 500 and 1000 companies around the world to create innovative loyalty programs that deliver superior ROI while simultaneously offering deep opportunities for data-based analysis. Through a combination of hands-on product development, and standalone platforms/APIs, Brandmovers can enhance the loyalty programs of businesses of any size.

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