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Brandmovers Announces Four Key Benefits of Customer Incentive Programs

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January 15, 2017 – Atlanta, GA –A top global leader in customer incentive programs, Brandmovers, wants businesses of all sizes to understand the clear benefits that loyalty programs can bring. Customer incentive programs are time-tested and, when properly implemented, demonstrate their value year after year.

In particular, customer incentive programs create significant improvements in four key areas:

  • Customer satisfaction. Few initiatives can more quickly boost customer satisfaction than a loyalty program. It’s the perfect way to ‘give back’ to customers and make them feel like a valued part of a brand’s experience.
  • Customer retention. Retaining existing customers is far less expensive than acquiring new ones, by up to ten times or more depending on the industry. Customer loyalty programs provide far greater ROI than marketing programs aimed at generating new traffic.
  • Data collection. Loyalty programs provide superior insights into buyer behavior, allowing businesses to compile databases so robust that they can deduce major lifestyle changes as they happen. This translates into better marketing and niche demographic targeting, which is especially vital in digital marketing.
  • Charity. Loyalty programs and charity initiatives go hand-in-hand, creating a true win-win scenario. The business gets a nice write-off, while the buyer feels they are contributing positively to their community through the simple act of commerce.

Brandmovers feels that loyalty programs are one of the key ways businesses in the 21st Century can increase their revenues while also creating customer bases which are more motivated and enthusiastic about their buying choices. Contact Brandmovers directly for further information.

About Brandmovers

No other customer tracking and loyalty platform is trusted by more top global brands than Brandmovers.  The Brandmovers team has years of experience developing and implementing loyalty programs in both the B2C and B2B sectors for businesses of all sizes and market niches.  By embracing the latest in technological innovations, Brandmovers can seize upon recent buyer trends and turn them into tangible programs that increase buyer loyalty and enthusiasm while bringing clear ROI on the marketing investment.

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