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4 Benefits of Brandmovers Purchase Validation and Rewards Tracking Platform

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In the past, one of the most significant barriers to companies adopting customer loyalty programs was the need for custom software to drive it. From tracking customers, to purchase validation, to reward delivery, substantial up-front investments were required to ensure the loyalty program functioned as intended.

This has changed with the introduction of the Brandmoversmanagement platform. We have significantly simplified and centralized both implementation and ongoing management of loyalty programs, enabling them to be deployed by organizations of virtually any size and scope.

What Brandmovers Brings to the Table

  1. An All-In-One Dashboard

All loyalty program management is centralized onto a single dashboard, which gives full access to project information. From top-level overviews of the customer loyalty program as a whole, to drilled-down examination of data on individual stores or even individual customers, everything is easily accessible with minimal training required.

  1. Cloud-Based Access

The Brandmovers platform is cloud-based, allowing it to be accessed from anywhere, at any time. This gives it unparalleled flexibility as well as allowing marketing managers, C-level execs, and other important decision-makers access whenever they need it.

  1. Simplified Purchase Validation and Data Capture

No other purchase validation system on the market offers as many features as Brandmovers Validspend. Customers can submit photographs of receipts via a wide range of electronic media – such as email or SMS – and have them validated almost instantly. At the same time, the system captures all pertinent information from their receipt including date/time, the store purchased from, and -if desired- their entire shopping cart.

Validspend is also available as a standalone product with APIs which allow it to be integrated into your own systems and/or CMS.

  1. Full Rewards Delivery Tracking

Brandmovers tracks all aspects of the customer loyalty program, including delivery tracking. It therefore also serves as a valuable customer service tool, allowing quick lookups of order status.

Go All the Way with Brandmovers White Glove Treatment

Brandmovers can be your all-in-one source for customer loyalty solutions. Our White Glove program gives you access to marketing experts who have worked with global brands including Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Nerf, Marriott, and UPS. We can custom design the perfect loyalty program to fit your brand, your image, and your long-term business needs. Then we pair it with our dashboard to give you easy access to the ongoing rewards system.

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