Brandmovers Simplifies Prize Fulfillment in Your Customer Incentive Programs

Brandmovers Marketing and Advertising

When a company is implementing customer incentive programs, one of the most obvious questions to ask is “What rewards will we offer and how will we ensure the customer gets them?” If a company is attempting to implement a reward program from scratch, on their own, this can represent a monumental logistical challenge – particularly if the company wants to offer a wide range of prizes.

This is one of the biggest reasons global companies choose Brandmovers to design and implement their loyalty programs.  Brandmovers has the size, scope, and industry connections to easily handle prize procurement and fulfillment in your customer incentive programs. We take the burden off you, so you can focus on reaping your own rewards from your customer reward offerings.

With Brandmovers by your side, you have a partner capable of end to end prize fulfillment. This includes:

  • Full fulfillment center capabilities: From sourcing, to warehousing, to shipment, we can handle all the logistics involved in sending physical rewards out to your customers.
  • Extensive prizing partners: Thanks to our extensive list of existing clients and contacts, we can offer you partnerships with major name brands to offer prizes with true appeal, not just generic knock-offs.
  • Coupon fulfillment: We can work with you to create physical or digital coupons that integrate into your own systems seamlessly. This includes envelope-sized mailers and related packaging.
  • Digital rewards: Looking to offer movies, music, games, or other electronic rewards? We can design delivery systems that protect your content from piracy/copying while remaining easy for customers to utilize.
  • Turnkey travel planning: Are you going high-end with your rewards? That’s no problem. If you want to send a customer halfway around the world, we can make sure they get there and back again safely.
  • Communication systems: No matter how you or your customers wish to communicate it, we can facilitate it. There’s no more need for “wait six weeks for response” messages. This also includes promotions that mix communication outlets, such as Facebook- or Pinterest-based promotions.

No other provider of customer incentive programs can offer the same range of features, services, and extensive industry integration as Brandmovers. That’s why we’re a leading choice for brands around the world looking for a consumer loyalty program partner who can offer simple, robust, customer-pleasing solutions.

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