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There is no shortage of articles talking about how disruptive Amazon’s basic B2C sales model has been to almost all aspects of consumer sales. Retailers around the country -and around the world- are feeling the pinch from Amazon’s “everything you could want and more, delivered fast” approach to providing goods.

What’s not creating as much press – but is in the process of being just as disruptive – is Amazon’s B2B model in their Amazon Business sub-site. In only about two years, Amazon Business has grown to be a billion-dollar venture and is now firmly the “third pillar” of Amazon’s business alongside their B2C offerings and their AWS cloud services.

Amazon Business is growing by an estimated 20% per month… and that’s coming directly at the expense of older B2B businesses and models.

Amazon Business Means B2B Vendors Need To Start Thinking “Digital Experience”

So what does Amazon Business offer which differentiates it?  A few obvious answers include:

  • Low prices, thanks to their gigantic economics of scale.
  • Rapid shipping in most situations.
  • Website-based ease of use.
  • Compatibility with people’s existing Amazon accounts.
  • Integrated analytics and workflow tools
  • A highly successful loyalty program, Amazon Prime.

Now, a competitor may or may not be able to compete with them on the first two points.  Few entities in the world can match Amazon’s absurdly huge scale and scope, which aids both their prices and their shipping. That’s simply an unavoidable fact at this juncture.

However, the rest of their highlights all revolve around one key concept: the digital experience.

Shopping via the Amazon website is simple, intuitive, customer-focused, and fast. The average buying experience on Amazon only requires a handful of clicks (or taps) and then it’s completed.  In a corporate world which is increasingly focused on shortening business cycles and becoming more efficient, Amazon cuts out all the hassle. They’ve aligned a consumer-style purchasing experience with B2B procedures.

And it’s paying off for them like crazy.

It’s time for the rest of the B2B community to take cues from Amazon. Streamline your processes. Create customer-focused policies. Offer substantive loyalty programs which encourage repeat business at a personal level. Make the digital experience smooth and rewarding for users everywhere.

Brandmovers can help make it happen! Our expert campaign-builders and API development services can help you craft a superior digital experience for your B2B customers. Contact us directly for a consultation.