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Brandmovers Goes Beyond Simple Receipt Processing with a Full Legal Compliance Team to Create Safe Loyalty Program Implementation

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When a company begins to consider implementing loyalty programs, there are many questions they’re likely to ask themselves, including matters of cost and how to handle receipt processing or purchase validation. However, at some point in the process the lawyers are bound to get involved and start raising questions about compliance and liability. After all, virtually every country, state, province, etc., on Earth has separate regulations covering contests and other customer-participation programs.

The idea of trying to guarantee universal legal compliance can be a daunting one, and potentially a deal-breaker.

At Brandmovers, we wanted to eliminate that concern among clients utilizing our receipt processing and loyalty programs. That’s why we have an entire legal team specializing in local regulations regarding promotions, contests, giveaways, and other similar efforts. When you partner with Brandmovers for your next customer loyalty program, you can rest assured that you can make your customers happy while keeping yourself protected.

Brandmovers Legal Compliance Assistance Adds Immeasurable Value

The Brandmovers legal compliance team can help you:

  1. Develop official rules

Designing a contest or other promotional programs in ways which are fair to customers and legally-compliant is no simple task. Our experts can take your goals for the project and translate it into a ruleset which keeps everyone happy.

  1. Procedural filings

Many states and territories require contests and promotions to be registered with local authorities for oversight. We’ll handle the paperwork on your behalf.

  1. COPPA compliance

Is your promotion going to potentially target children under 13? In the US, this requires complying with a much stricter set of regulations called the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. We can advise you both on how to maintain COPPA compliance, and when it’s a better idea to simply exclude young children from participating.

  1. Overseas legal expertise

We aren’t solely US-focused. Our team can help you comply with laws around the world, including Canada, Latin America, Europe, and Asia. If you want a global promotion, we can make it happen.

  1. Fair winner selection

Your contest must be run in a fair and reasonably transparent manner that prevents accusations of partiality or favoritism. Our team will even help manage winner selection to ensure you’re protected from retaliation from upset losers.

With Brandmovers, it’s all handled: program design, receipt processing, contest management, and legal issues. Contact us today to learn more!