Consumer Behavior Trends

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Nowadays, customers can extensively research products or services before buying. In addition, they can purchase what they need with a single click. Because of this, how you interact with your customers online is only becoming increasingly more important.

  • Increased use of smartphones and other personal electronics
    • Consumers are more likely to purchase or review items on the go on their phones than ever before
    • Today’s customers actively engage with brands and demand customized services
    • The internet has shifted from being a primarily text-based source of information into one that is now over 70 percent video traffic.
    • By August 2017, nearly 16 million people are utilizing smartphones
    • 96% of American customers shop online 65% of their shopping budget is spent in-store
      • What makes customers avoid shopping online?
        • Shipping costs
        • Not being able to try product
        • Do not want to wait for delivery
        • Difficult return process
        • Online privacy concerns
  • Activities people are doing while online are changing
    • In past years, the most time was spent on social media channels (41%) and that is now moving over to streaming applications (23%), such as Netflix or Spotify.
    • Where customers are focusing their time and attention is imperative to how marketers properly target customers.
  • Consumers have a greater desire to feel like they are apart of a community and that the company values them as a customer.
    • For example, customers enjoy being rewarded for behavior they enjoy doing (I.e., sharing a video, liking a post, leaving a review for other customers, which makes them feel part of a community)
    • Loyalty programs are increasingly more important for this reason
    • As a bonus to companies, loyalty programs also help track your customer’s behavior and allow you to gain more insight on who they are
    • When customers are loyal to a brand, 57% spend more. While 43% spend around the same or less
“With endless options for communication, entertainment, and content consumption, it’s no surprise that consumer behavior is changing on a daily, even hourly, basis.”Hannu Verkasalo, CEO of Verto Analytics

How can you attract customers as consumer behaviors change?

  • Put your focus into social media marketing.
    • Be sure to engage with customers online. Having a two-way street of communication helps customers feel connected to brands.
    • Ensure that your social media profiles have a personality behind them, it makes it easier for consumers to connect with your brand. Avoid only sharing press releases and marketing offers
      • Post special offers that are just for customers that follow you such as a discount code. This will help them feel as if they are special and will make them want to continue to be a follower.