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Receipt Validation in Loyalty Promotions

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Receipt validation in loyalty promotions is a loyalty program that operates by offering a rewards options through receipts that customers receive when shopping at brick and mortar retailers.

What type of rewards can be used with receipt validation?

  1. Repeat Purchase Promotion – frequency of purchase, buy x products to unlock a gift, earn entry to prize draw, instant win.
  2. Rebate or Cash back promotion
  3. Completing a survey in exchange for a rebate, coupon, or contest entry
  4. Proof of Purchase Promotion – gift with purchase, coupon claim, purchase necessary prize draw, instant win.
  5. Loyalty Program – points-based rewards program, incentives and benefits program.
  6. Trade Incentives Program – reward B2B trade purchases, incentivise and reward B2B sales representatives.

B2B Loyalty Receipt Validation, Receipt Validation, B2B Loyalty Platform, B2B Loyalty Program

Why should you use receipt validation?

  1. An alternative to having a unique code on each item. Doing a promotion in this manner does not affect product production or product design, meaning it is more time and cost-effective.
  2. Available for redemption anywhere, not just at retailers. Having this option is helpful if a retailer is not supporting the current promotion, whether it be because of POS systems or where the retailer is located.
  3. Allows you to gather additional information on your customers. Utilizing the receipt itself gives information on where the product was purchased, the date it was purchased on, payment method, where the retail location is located, as well as what else was purchased.
  4. Connect directly with your customers. Having them contact you directly allows you to more candidly establish a relationship.
  5. Receipt validation will allow you to start small with promotions and work your way up if you do not have experience in this area.