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Digitizing the Customer Shopping Experience

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In customer service, there is a growing interest in chat bots. The appeal derives from the bots being able to decipher customer concerns at any hour of the day, in a consistent, instantaneous and inexpensive manner. Chatbots can communicate to customers through text boxes, or sometimes by voice.

McKinsey challenged us to think about “What would be the best possible experience a customer could have when completing this task?”

Once a business has defined what a customer’s experience should be, then it can figure out how to build the processes and technologies behind it. Through digitizing these processes, the business can reduce customer service costs, improve the customer experience, capture value, and move to a next-generation operating model.

Customer service interactions between agents (or, more recently, chatbots) and customers can provide a plethora of data to be used to improve a digitally based customer service, making it progressively more personalized. This is important to businesses as customers are now expecting a quick fix and are increasingly expecting a solution in less time.

Digital customer service interactions over Twitter alone increased 250% over the last two years, showing that customers will turn to more instant platforms over platforms with a typically slower response rate such as email

In 2018, research from Forbes.com predicts that:

As customer satisfaction will decrease as companies increasingly utilize artificial intelligence such as chatbots, and automated self-service. More often than not, these services are not fully developed to engage with customer and help them with every issue that may arise. Phone calls are being increasingly deflected, as some companies have goals of decreasing call volumes by 50% in just two years. Gartner predicts that by 2020, 85% of brand interactions will not be managed only by bots.

Large companies will begin to scale back on email in order to increase customer to agent chat services, including chatbots. Companies like Nike, Apple, Uber, Toys“R”Us, and Target have moved away from actively supporting email as a customer service contact channel.

Having a successful AI customer service program will depend on how well companies are able to blend it in with their current customer service programs.

Overall, digitizing your company’s customer shopping experience will increase your ROI, as well as customer satisfaction as they will be able to receive help in real-time.