Looking For Loyalty Program Inspiration? Try These 3 Ideas 

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If your loyalty program has been active for a while, you’re probably looking for new ideas to incorporate. Luckily we’ve compiled some of our favorites for you!

Idea #1: Produce Original Events For Your Customers 


One of the first ways to jazz up your loyalty program is to expand opportunities for your customers to engage directly with your company. Consider your products and your brand. What kind of experiences could you offer? Can you create tutorials or give in-person classes to benefit your customers? Could you host themed outings or events for your customers to enjoy?


A great example is REI’s lifetime co-op membership program. One stand-out benefit of this program is REI’s massive list of events, outings, and classes. These are open to anyone interested in participating but lifetime members get free or heavily discounted access to all programs.


REI’s outdoor school offers everything from video tutorials to in-person meetups, so the level of engagement is left up to the customer to decide. There are programs available for every customer level including brand-new hikers to experienced outdoorsmen. Customers can find resources to help them fix their gear, ideas for their next outdoor outing, and chances to meet other members of their community.


Establishing similar opportunities in your loyalty program gives you another opportunity to further engage with your customers. It shows them you want them to enjoy your products and rewards, and that you want their enjoyment to continue beyond a monetary transaction. Additionally, it gives you a chance to create social interactions between your loyalty program members, further building your loyalty community.

Idea 2: Partner With A Charity


Corporate social responsibility has become one of the central topics of discussion in business scholarly research and the mainstream media. Customers expect businesses to continue taking more active roles in promoting the social and environmental well-being of their communities in 2018. These practices can also expand your loyalty program.  


Consider the trends in consumers shopping: 87% of consumers in a Cone Communications research study said they would purchase a product because the company advocated for a cause they cared about. This is especially true for Millennial shoppers. Market research estimates millennials are responsible for over $600 billion in annual sales and will represent over 30% of the total market by 2020. Consequently, companies should seriously begin building out their own corporate social responsibility programs.  


One way you can begin is by partnering your brand with a charity or local philanthropic mission. Deciding on your brand’s social purpose and determining what kind of CSR fits with your organization is a massive discussion by itself. Regardless, make doubly sure the mission fits with your brand. If you already have a charitable organization then incorporate your organization into your loyalty program.


One idea is to run a promotion where every point redemption donated a certain amount of money to the charity. For example, if a customer chooses to redeem 250 points worth of rewards, then your organization will donate $5 to the charity.


Another idea is allowing your customers to convert their unredeemed points into monetary donations to your charity. In an article from Media Planet recently explored how Citi launched their own point-sharing app on Facebook. By using Facebook groups program participants can pool points towards a group purchase for a charitable cause. Other companies are creating similar ways for customers to utilize their points for charity.


One important thing to remember: transparency is key. Tell your customers how your organization donates to it’s chosen charity or cause. This can also incentivize new customers to join your program!


Idea 3: Let Your Customers Reward Someone They Love


Sharing campaigns are a great method for inspiring the community. Your customers already have circles of friends and family they treasure – why not surprise them with something they can use to delight their loved ones in return?


We know from first-hand experience people want to share the fun with their friends and family. Customers jump at the opportunity to delight the people closest to them. If you have an active customer community, give customers the chance to “reward” their friends.


Oreo Mini Mini Delivery

Our Oreo Mini Mini Delivery promotion let visitors send a friend a mini Oreo


For example: a user redeems for a high-quality item. After they do, they get a surprise notification offering to send a friend a special item as well – just because! This way their friend can also share in the fun. You can customize these kinds of “surprise and delights” with any mix of free item, store credit, or discount. 


You can personalize these surprises completely around your brand. Is your company’s anniversary coming up? Want to celebrate International Friendship Day? Your customers will love the chance to gain a reward for themselves and to show their friends and family they’re loved.


If you’re concerned you might over-extend your available rewards, then make the reward a limited-time offer or an hours-long flash event. If you’re giving away physical items make sure to announce you have a limited amount. This can help generate urgency for your customers to participate. You can even post a countdown clock on your loyalty platform which decreases with every item given away!



If you’ve been searching for new and fresh ideas to incorporate into your loyalty platform then we hope you find the ones above helpful! Or if you have even better ideas, let us know in the comments!