Custom software development connecting your systems to each other and the outside world.
Brandmovers is the partner of choice for some of the world’s best brands when it comes to custom online systems development, including:

  • Custom Platforms – Our team can develop a flexible platform based on the specific needs of your business from the ground up.
  • System Integrations – Brandmovers can build out the connections and interfaces to connect your internal systems to the systems of your partners, suppliers and customers, allowing for seamless interaction between these systems.
  • API Development – Expose your platform/system to the outside world via a Brandmovers-developed suite of APIs.
  • Platform Extensions – Have an existing platform that no longer meets your needs? Talk to us about modernizing your platform to extend its capabilities and life cycle.
  • Application Development – Standalone or integrated with your own systems.

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Case Study

Mastercard Points Exchange

Mastercard has launched a program in the middle east allowing cardholders at participating issuing banks to use their Mastercard loyalty program points to purchase miles/ awards in airline loyalty programs. The Brandmovers Engineering team built custom connections between the Mastercard system and nearly a dozen different airlines, including British Airways, Ethiad and Air Qatar, and others, facilitating the seamless, hands-off exchange of points for airline miles.

How it Works
Brandmovers has developed a single, multi-tenant solution integrating Mastercard with ten partner airlines. Cardholders “order” miles in these programs from within their issuer’s online banking platform, and Mastercard sends the order to Brandmovers via a secure, realtime integration with the Mastercard API. Brandmovers then translates each order into the format and specification provided by each partner, and transmits the order to the appropriate partner. These handoffs can be either realtime/api-based, via daily batch file transfer, or via SFTP drop. Once the partner has processed the order request, a notification is provided to Brandmovers, who initiates an email via Yesmail and provides an order complete status back to Mastercard.

How We Do It



All good projects start with a solid plan. We’ll work with you to determine the best path to your goals, whether it’s a sprint- based, phased approach or a more defined waterfall project.



  • System reviews/audits
  • Requirements definition
  • Sprint planning
  • Architecture/system design



Let’s roll up the sleeves and get to work. Our in-house team of developers and architects builds custom systems and integrations to solve your business problems. Whether it’s a completely new platform, or connecting your internal systems with external partners, our team is ready.


  • Platform development
  • Front end and Back End coding
  • API development and integration



Whether it’s the initial build or the ongoing program, or dedicated project management team will handle all of the details of the project. From the project kickoff, planning to the ongoing management of the program, you can be sure we’ll deliver on time and on budget, according to plan.


  • Platform development
  • Front end and Back End coding
  • API development and integration

Platform Development

Flexible, durable, and designed to drive business results, our custom platforms are designed to support your unique, specific goals. Our team can work with you to design, implement and maintain custom systems that deliver true value.

API Design & Build

Our team can design and develop custom API interfaces to connect your internal systems to each other, or to connect your systems to the outside world.

Last Mile Connections

Let Brandmovers help you bridge the “last mile” between systems, bringing together the data and functionality of these systems to unlock business value, through API development, direct integration or batch file processes.

System Design & Architecture

Our architecture team is adept at working with clients to design and implement system architectures that provide long-term flexibility, scalability and robust performance from day one.



Project Management

Custom software developmentrequires a rigid, disciplined approach to project management. Adept in both waterfall and scrum/agile approaches, the Brandmovers team will deliver your project on time, on budget and in a way that works with your team and processes.

Data & Application Security

With industry leading data security and PCI compliance, you can be secure knowing that Brandmovers keeps your data (and the data of your consumers) safe. Learn why clients like MasterCard, Marriott and Southwest Airlines trust Brandmovers to keep their data secure.