Receipt Processing

Brandmovers Goes Beyond Simple Receipt Processing with a Full Legal Compliance Team to Create Safe Loyalty Program Implementation

When a company begins to consider implementing loyalty programs, there are many questions they’re likely to ask themselves, including matters of cost and how to handle receipt processing or purchase validation. However, at some point in the process the lawyers are bound to get involved and start raising questions about compliance and liability. After all, virtually every country, state, province, etc., on Earth has separate regulations covering contests and other customer-participation programs.Read More

Digital Marketing Platform

The Brandmovers Validspend Digital Marketing Platform Enables Easy Loyalty Program Implementation

Today, a loyalty program is about far more than just discount cards. Loyalty programs can be mobile, multi-media, and real-time, offering numerous ways for a loyal customer to interact with a brand throughout their day-to-day lives. In the meantime, they can gather huge insights into buyer behavior and activities that translate into hard actionable marketing intel.Read More