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Brandmovers White Glove Services Allow Any Organization to Implement a Successful Brand Loyalty Program

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February 10, 2017 – Atlanta, GA – For too long, a brand loyalty program has required difficult and time-consuming planning, implementation, and logistics. This has restricted their use largely to companies with extensive in-house talent. However, Brandmovers is changing the field of customer loyalty programs with their all-in-one White Glove service.Read More

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The Brandmovers Validspend Digital Marketing Platform Enables Easy Loyalty Program Implementation

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Today, a loyalty program is about far more than just discount cards. Loyalty programs can be mobile, multi-media, and real-time, offering numerous ways for a loyal customer to interact with a brand throughout their day-to-day lives. In the meantime, they can gather huge insights into buyer behavior and activities that translate into hard actionable marketing intel.Read More

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Implement Digital Rewards Programs to Build Loyalty More Effectively and For Less Investment

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For years, buyer rewards programs really boiled down to two basic implementations: Either discounts such as coupons, or real-world physical gifts. While even in this form, loyalty programs were highly effective and virtually always showed superior ROI, the field has evolved significantly with the development of digital rewards programs.Read More

Insights and learnings gained from purchase validation in Loyalty platforms

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One of the keystones of a good consumer goods product line is having loyal customers that purchase your product on a regular basis. Incentivizing this activity is a great way to recognize and reward your most loyal customers. But it can be a challenge if you are not in control of your distribution and retail outlets. Finding a solution to capturing this activity may not be as costly as most brands assume, and can be implemented rather quickly.Read More

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A user-generated photo mosaic contest where we ask people what inspires them by uploading a photo via Twitter or Instagram.Read More