Understanding the Strategic Importance of API Integration and Development

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“API” – standing for Application Programming Interface – is a term that, five years ago, was familiar to web programmers but very few outside of IT.  Today, however, APIs are becoming an increasingly critical part of corporate strategy and outreach, saving money while creating new business opportunities.

As this is an area which is still somewhat misunderstood, and our Brandmovers team wanted to quickly address APIs, API integration, and what they mean for businesses.

What Is An API?

Simply put, an Application Programming Interface is a small piece of programming code that acts as an interface, or translator, between two larger independent pieces of software.  It allows them to interact via a standardized method, potentially joining them together at the user level.

As a simple example:  Have you noticed how practically every app on your mobile phone has a feature that ties it into Facebook in some way?  That’s because Facebook has a set of APIs which can be freely used by app developers.  Rather than going to the time and effort of making a deal with Facebook directly, developers can simply download the APIs and make use of it to connect their services to Facebook.  This is the essence of API integration.

What Can API Integration Do?

A better question might be “what can’t API integration do?”  There’s almost no limit to how programs can be tied together via API.

Also, APIs can substantially cut costs on internal program development.  It’s becoming increasingly common for programmers to be tasked with adding a function to their software, only to discover a freely-available third-party API already adds that functionality.  Problem solved, for a fraction of the cost.

This goes far beyond software.  A great example would be Walgreen’s Pharmacy, which had been struggling in the digital age.  Then they released a set of APIs connecting third-party apps to their photo department.  Suddenly, photography apps could let their users send photos straight to Walgreens for physical printout, and Walgreens saw a huge boost to their photo business.

APIs Bring Expansion

For a company, an investment into APIs means expansion and new partnership opportunities.  They can connect you and your partners more seamlessly than ever before.  They can make life easier for your customers.  They can take a physical business into the digital realm.

Brandmovers offers robust API integration and development services.  Contact us today to learn more about it.

Brandmovers API Development Services and Software Integration Tie Your Systems Together

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Today, Application Programming Interfaces – APIs – are one of the backbones of modern interconnected software systems.  APIs allow a wide range of programs and hardware to communicate seamlessly, creating bridges between disparate applications – even if they were developed by separate companies. Brandmovers is leveraging our existing experience in custom software development to offer cutting-edge API development services, as well as more generalized software creation services.  Whatever the state of your brand’s internal software, we can craft solutions that make it all work together better.

The Benefits of Brandmovers API Development Services and Software Integration

Depending on your needs, there are a wide variety of services we can offer, including:

  • Custom Platforms – If there isn’t a piece of software which does what you need, we can create it from the ground up – even if it’s a platform to support a vast number of clients/users.
  • System Integrations – Having difficulty getting your systems to talk to your partners?  Getting complaints about how hard it is moving crucial data around?  Brandmovers can build out your systems to simplify interactions between different systems.
  • API Development –  A suite of APIs from BrandMovers can expose you to the outside world, bringing you considerable new reach via third-party utilization of your services.
  • Platform Extensions – Too often, platforms developed in the 90s and 00s become too antiquated to run reliably on modern hardware – but are still crucial components of a workflow.  We can extend and rebuild these systems to keep them running on newer computers.
  • Application Development – The sky is the limit.  They can be for internal use, for customer/buyer use, and either standalone or integrated directly into your own systems.?

In short, whatever your software needs, we can make it happen.  We can design platforms which are built to grow for years of use in the future.  We can help you bridge the “last mile” between your own systems and those of your partners or customers.  We can develop the APIs which create entirely new business opportunities by opening your systems up to third-party usage – and the customers that come with it.

Backed by industry best-practices for security and data handling, we can develop the software your operation needs to grow, expand, and become more attractive to partners.  Contact Brandmovers today to learn more about our API and software development services.


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