Insights and learnings gained from purchase validation in Loyalty platforms

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One of the keystones of a good consumer goods product line is having loyal customers that purchase your product on a regular basis. Incentivizing this activity is a great way to recognize and reward your most loyal customers. But it can be a challenge if you are not in control of your distribution and retail outlets. Finding a solution to capturing this activity may not be as costly as most brands assume, and can be implemented rather quickly.Read More

Latest Launches

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Shell Ideas 360 Photo Contest:
A user-generated photo mosaic contest where we ask people what inspires them by uploading a photo via Twitter or Instagram.Read More

Latest Trends in Digital Promotions

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Trend 1: Content is King
Content marketing continues to make waves against traditional digital media and channel-focussed strategies. Digital promotions such as Feeling Gerber Good and The sound of SYSROCK are helping fill that role by incentivising brand advocates to share and create compelling content which helps generate both social amplification and media coverage.Read More