Great Communication Keeps People Engaged with Customer Incentive Programs

In today's digital world, buyers expect feedback - and lots of it. The days of "wait 4-6 weeks to hear back" are long gone, with customers accustomed to having plenty of almost instant contact with the brands they choose to engage with.

That's why strong communications and customer incentive programs are at the heart of the Brandmovers philosophy and our Brandmovers Loyalty Platform.

No matter how clients prefer to communicate, we will facilitate it. Our software fully integrates with SMS, Social Media, and Email accounts and many common tools used for their automation. Our active communication can help push customers through every stage of the process, from initial contact, to membership, to post-sales support.

Just as a few examples, we can:
  • Keep subscribers informed of new product launches
  • Send periodic reminders of unclaimed points or rewards
  • Engage in extended promotions that mix applets with email or social media
  • Encourage participation in your own social media efforts
  • Drip-feed emails to lapsed participants to entice them back
  • Provide templates for brand advocacy

We break this process down into three key areas, and our Brandmovers Loyalty Platform can facilitate them all.


Every new product, or customer incentive program, begins with awareness-building. Our platform can help you release a full spread of content of any media type, utilizing your customers’ preferred contact methods to get the information to them.


Buying into our client product is only the next step on the road to being fully engaged customers. From ‘thank you’ messaging to social media engagement, to rewards participation, many areas of post-sale communication can be largely automated based on the provided content.


An activated customer isn’t just a buyer, they’re an advocate. Our program can encourage incremental purchases, or simply provide them with means to tell others about their amazing experiences.

No other customer incentive program platform offers the same range of communications options as a Brandmovers Loyalty Programs. Get in touch with us today to learn how we can enhance your rewards programs!