Management, Analytics, and Reporting Pull Your Rewards Program Together

Traditionally, one of the hardest things about marketing initiatives was tracking penetration and success. However, that's not an issue with Brandmovers and our Brandmovers Loyalty Platform software. With our oversight in place, every other facet of a customer rewards program will fall into place.

Our platform was designed to provide full and complete access to the data you need to measure success, including participation numbers, purchase validation, analytics, physical rewards, shipping, reporting and more. Our dashboard interface was designed to give clients a complete overview of the program, while having the capacity to drill down and find the details necessary for actionable insights.

Customizable Options

The Brandmovers dashboard is fully customizable to report the details clients need most. It can track dozens of KPIs, giving minute-by-minute feedback on how the loyalty program is performing. As a cloud app, it can be accessed securely from virtually anywhere, on any modern smart device with a web browser.

Brandmovers offers the option to manage as little or as much of the program the client requires.

If selecting our Brandmovers’ “White Glove Treatment”, it includes a full team of project managers to oversee the project at every step along the way. From initial consultation, to implementation, to day-by-day purchase validation and reward claims tracking, our team will ensure all aspects are delivered.

Track Purchase Validation and Much More

Whichever path is selected, the rewards program will be watched over and analyzed by state-of-the-art data tracking and reporting software that is tailored to fit every client need. It’s how we’ve delivered the success of programs for brands like Dr. Pepper, Pepsi, Marriott, Nerf, and UPS…  and we can do the same for you as well.

We have the tools to monitor and ensure that client goals are met. Get in touch with Brandmovers and we will deliver what you want.