PROGRAM DESIGN and Brand Loyalty

A great brand loyalty program begins with great strategy!

Loyalty programs often go awry, or under-perform, due to a lack of proper focus. A loyalty program should be far more than a gimmick or novelty - it should be a structured and thoughtfully-developed tool for taking your customer engagement to the next level.

Our finding the right focus for a client brand loyalty program is centered on the answers in two key areas:
  • Customer Movement. Where are your customers now in their attitudes towards you and where do you want them to be?  
  • Business Goals. Our well designed and implemented brand loyalty programs will enable clients to achieve many goals. Do you want extra social engagement? Brand evangelism? New product launch awareness? A larger CRM database? Whatever the target or targets, we will develop a program to deliver it.

Our experts at Brandmovers are behind loyalty programs for many of the largest companies in the world, including UPS, Papa Johns, Oreo, Marriot, Pepsi, and Nerf. In every case, before generating a single image or line of code, we sat down with our clients and developed a strategy. Only then do we lay out the path from A to Z, showing how our custom-tailored brand loyalty program – backed by a custom designed Brandmovers Loyalty Platform – will meet every one of our agreed goals.

Every brand is different and brand loyalty programs are constantly evolving, our learnings from the development and implementation of highly successful programs for major clients translates to delivery of industry leading solutions for all our clients.

Brandmovers is one of the top providers of brand loyalty programs in the USA, our track record of delivering consistently successful results demonstrates that there is no better way to increase loyalty, enthusiasm and sales with your customer base.

Get in touch with Brandmovers today and we will show you how to take your customers to the next level.