Where Would Consumer Loyalty Programs Be Without Rewards?

Our Brandmovers developed programs always consider all facets that make up that program, and one of the most important is the reward or rewards available to customers for participation. Brandmovers are proven experts in aligning our programs with client goals, customer desires and sourcing rewards that will meet both.

We can source and provide nearly any sort of branded merchandise imaginable, while also offering plenty of other forms of reward as well.  Just a few of the services we offer or facilitate include:

  • Warehousing of physical items
  • Both online and offline coupon fulfillment
  • Digital premiums, such as music MP3s or video files, delivered through the customers' preferred communication path
  • Turnkey Travel Planning
  • Envelope-sized premiums, such as gift cards or certificates of achievement

Every reward and order is tracked throughout our cloud-based management dashboard, just like any purchase might be. Customers can inquire into the status of their rewards, while you can obtain detailed reports and analytical breakdowns of your rewards. In the case of physical bonuses, they can be tracked end-to-end as well all the way to the lucky customers’ mailbox.

Additionally, due to our strong network of industry contacts and successful past campaigns for major companies, we can enhance your consumer loyalty programs with legitimate name-brand products. Want to offer tickets to the latest Paramount Pictures film, or for Southwest Airlines flight? We can make it happen, along with many other possibilities.

Enjoy Complete Consumer Loyalty Programs

With Brandmovers, you truly get the full package. From initial concept, to implementation, to software tools, to reward disbursement, we provide everything needed to make your B2C and B2B programs a success. Whether you want to build your own campaign, or take advantage of our years of great campaign experience, no other loyalty program vendor offers the same range of features and services as Brandmovers.

Get in touch with us, and we’ll see your plans become reality.