B2B Loyalty Programs are different for the following reasons

  1. B2B Loyalty programs require more personalization
    • B2B loyalty tends to be on a smaller scale than B2C loyalty programs. B2C programs tend to have a larger customer base
  2. B2B Loyalty programs require additional communication with their customer.
    • Businesses are expecting a quick and seamless way to communication with their loyalty platform provider.
  3. VIP rewards for your most upstanding clients is important.
    • Partner with a loyalty program provider that offers you the ability to give more personalized rewards.
    • Utilize the data collected to better understand the end-user, leading to segmenting and differentiating the experience to make it feel personal and individualized.
  4. B2B loyalty programs need layers.
    • Integrate promotions, sweepstakes, and events directly into your loyalty program.

To ensure the loyalty program runs smoothly, use the B2B Loyalty Requirement Checklist:

Administrative Control

  •    Oversight
  •    Compliance
  •    Business benefits & services
  •    Certification & training
  •    Regulatory control


  •    Institutional vs. individual
  •    Business-only rewards, sales rep rewards or a combination
  •    Segmented earning, rewards and benefits by member type
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