Brandmovers has developed a next generation Offer Management Platform that allows businesses to target existing customers as well as prospects with custom tailored promotional offers to incrementally improve their relationship with the business.

Offer Management for Financial Services

Financial services organizations are facing a challenging marketplace where the traditional branch based personal relationship is being replaced with online, on-demand products and services.

As a result, banks have to rethink their approach to marketing. Direct marketing approaches are still effective, but not if the call to action (CTA) is to "visit your local branch".. ain't nobody got time for that! Instead, marketing efforts should invite the reader to utilize an exclusive code to unlock offers that are fine-tuned and personalized to the client's needs.

Personalization of the offer qualifications

This platform provides the Financial firm the ability to determine the specific set of qualifications that need to be satisfied to trigger a reward payout. The image above is just one example of the ability to set qualifications within dependencies to ensure you drive the targeted behavior to achieve the maximum result.

Offers can be sent out individually through email, or as group offer codes that can be set by event, print mail, social media campaign, etc.

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